Guaranteed downline is a good way to get a downline for your business if you can afford them.This way of building your business downline is great for a business that is new.There is little or no work for to get a downline this way.By being guaranteed it means that you will get a downline.Unlike other ways of getting a downline that are hit or miss.Any network marketer or affiliate manager will tell you how difficult it is to get serious people to sign up for your programs. And without signups, it’s impossible to get your business off the ground, let alone turn a profit.Every day people spend thousands of dollars on bad leads: prospects who are turned off at their peak of interest and, even worse, prospects who are bombarded with a dozen other opportunities besides yours, as they are shared with your competitors!If You are struggling to get a downline for your business,you need a guaranteed downline. With this method you have the ability to choose between a downline from the US or International downlines.All sorts of people seeking business opportunities. They’ll range from ‘newbies’ to those that have been around for a while. You will get affiliates who want to run a home business, and make money using their computer! Specifically those who are looking for a home business will get in your downline.Every Internet programs need members.That is why you need guaranteed downlines.You can pay as little as $1.67 a day to $850.00 for 1000 downline members.When you get a downline through a guaranteed downline company you will get a good member because they are not paid.With a guaranteed downline , you have the potential to make a significant monthly, residual income.Getting people to join your program can be very hard work with lots of rejection and expense. Do you really want to sell to your friends? Do you really want to phone everyone you ever met and try to sign them up as a member of your new business opportunity? I know I don’t.If you use a guaranteed downline you can’t go wrong.

In conclusion,Without a good recruiting system in place you are going to have to start from scratch and do everything yourself.Most people, who fail in network marketing, do so because they don’t have a strong recruiting and support system behind them.I’ve been where you are…I’ve spent countless hours for years working every advertising venue I could online: Ezines, Safe lists, Banners, Start Pages, Exchanges, etc. What was the result? MAYBE one or two signups? But I wanted to see greater results – I wanted a larger number to work with, to encourage – to bring me and them success.That is why I started using downline swaps and guaranteed downlines.And If you truly believe your program will make you money, then don’t you need signups to make that happen?When you pay for a downline you will get targeted members.I found out that it is impossible to earn without a downline.Something to consider is How much is it going to cost you per month before you get into profit? I saw one popular online program the other day and the ultimate income program was a nutritional program in which you had to purchase over $75 in product each month. Find that out up front so there are no surprises later on.And with so many guaranteed downline programs out there you need to look them over carefully and make an informed decision when you do join one.So I wish you all the best of luck in all your undertaking

By Haadi