Ornaments are attached to human life from the early ages of human civilization. In the early days, people used to use ornaments made of stones and other materials. But as they discovered different metals, they started making ornaments of metals. Among all the materials gold is the most used metal to make ornaments. There are different ornaments to wear in different parts of the boy. A ring is a jewelry to wear around the finger of a hand or leg. The yellow gold wedding rings are the most used jewelry among the others. Most of the jewelries are made for the females of the society but the males are also not lagging behind, they mostly use the rings to wear on their fingers. Other than that they also wear gold chains too around their neck. As this article is on gold rings, so you will come to know about different types of rings available. The natural color of gold is yellow and thus the yellow gold wedding rings are the most prevalent ornaments. But you can also have gold rings of different colors like white gold or rose gold. Generally gold is a very soft metal and thus if you will make any ornament with pure gold, it will not be that much firm and can get out of shape at any time. This is why the goldsmiths mix some other metals with it so that it gets a firm texture. When silver is mixed with gold it turns the gold into white gold. The more silver you mix, the more whitish the metal will turn into. On the other hand, rose gold is an alloy metal of gold and copper and it looks very attractive while it is shaped into an ornament.





The 18k yellow gold rings are liked by most of the people in the world as it gives a traditional look to the person wearing it. These rings are very popular for the variation of their designs. You can have any kind of design on these rings as per your wish. You can also put your name on the gold rings or engrave it on the ring. Other than this, you can fix a beautiful stone on the ring so that the glitter can attract the eyes of other people. Normally 18k yellow gold rings are made of gold but the amount of gold is a bit less here. To make the ornaments firm enough to avoid de-shaping some other metals are mixed with pure gold. Now the amount of pure gold in the metal is indicated by karat. In the case of 18 karat gold, there is almost 47% gold in the metal.

By Haadi