Here’s a common situation: a woman has children and quits her job to stay home with them. After a short period of time, she wants to enter back into a career but she worries about having the independence and flexibility that she will need to continue to take care of her children.

How does she meet both of these needs?

Enter: Franchise Ownership

Owning a franchise is a way for a mom to work inside or outside the home, on her time and her schedule…or perhaps, more realistically, her children’s schedules. Owning a franchise can give these moms the outlet they crave and the flexibility they need.

There are virtually limitless franchise opportunities for moms with young kids. Here are just five ideas for franchise concepts that can work with a busy schedule.

Indoor Playground Franchise

For a mom with young children, there can be no better franchise opportunity than an indoor playground! Children can play before and after school, making friends and being active nearly every day.

By Haadi