Typically during a recession a photographer’s revenue tends to fall. People see photography as part of their discretionary spending and during a recession, discretionary spending tends to get cut. This cut, unless countered will cause a photographer’s revenue to fall. The following are suggestions on ways a photographer can maintain or increase his revenues.

1. Use newborn sessions to establish long-term client relationships with clients. Many people after having a new baby would like to get regular pictures of that child as the child grows. However, life gets busy and they forget or it simply gets crowded out. A photographer can help this client by offering photography packages. For example, since a baby changes frequently during the first year, the photographer can offer newborn packages which include a series of four sessions. By offering a lower total price for the package (than it would cost for individual sessions), the client gets lower prices and a firm commitment to have the pictures done. The photographer will gain increased revenue.

2. Create a collage for every photo shoot. Clients are depending on a photographer’s artistic and experienced eye. They are normally willing to pay for the benefit of those traits. Thus a photographer creating a collage of gallery wrap prints which will fit on a client’s wall will greatly increase the likelihood that the client will purchase a collage of gallery wrapped prints. By creating a collage and offering a discount on the series of prints if an entire collage is purchased a photographer can encourage clients to purchase high revenue producing products.

3. Put a time limit on the availability of online proofs. A client’s order will be higher when he is purchasing near the time of the strongest emotional appeal to the pictures. This time is normally soon after the client’s first viewing of the proofs. The longer the client has to look at the images and not purchase the less the images will be worth in the client’s mind. After all the intrinsic value you bring to the table is enjoyment of images. If he is able to enjoy the images for months, if not years on your online proof site, much of the value of the images will have been lost.

During a recession, a photographer’s revenues tend to fall. Following the suggestions above will help those revenues can be maintained or increased.

By Haadi