Today when the world is largely going mobile, businesses can no longer afford to lose out on being on the mobile platform. In fact, going mobile can open new doors for businesses today to grow and expand their user base and at the same time, increase brand awareness. Thus, it goes without saying that every business today needs a mobile strategy in order to chart the success story. There are sufficient mind boggling statistics to support the fact that mobile is the way to go and the future is all about using mobility to one’s advantage, and gain the competitive edge. Leading IT firms offer world class enterprise mobile solutions to help businesses across the globe define and design the mobile success story. The Digital Group is an example of an IT Solutions firm that offers multidimensional solutions and services to help a business go mobile. Hexaware is another name to reckon with when it comes to state of the art enterprise mobility solutions.

With the rise in the number of mobile users, the demand for enterprise mobility apps other solutions will rise exponentially, making it necessary for businesses to invest in building a solid mobility strategy. It all depends on technology that powers it all.

Following are the 7 key business benefits investing in enterprise mobile solutions, that showcase how businesses can immensely benefit from well designed enterprise mobility strategy.

1] Boost in Efficiency and Productivity

One of the most significant benefits of investing in enterprise mobile solutions is the rise in efficiency and productivity. Mobile applications have been witnessed to contribute to productivity by as much as 60 to 70%. Applications automate many of the tasks, which allows employees save time and effort and finish an assigned task quickly yet efficiently. Also the fact that enterprise mobile solutions open the doors for employees to access data and complete tasks on the go, has been revolutionary when it comes to increasing the efficiency of the entire team, and the organisation as a whole.

2] Increased Data Security

Enterprise mobile solutions offered by leading IT firms today are completely focused on data security, as the instances of data breaches is increasingly on the rise across the globe. In the absence of a powerful mobility strategy, ensuring advance security of such large volumes of enterprise data can be a mammoth task. This makes enterprise mobile apps necessity for businesses today..

3] Seamless Integration on the Cloud

Advent of cloud Technology has been revolutionary for businesses today. The cloud offers multiple benefits, and the possibility of accessing data on the go, just one of them. Effective enterprise mobile solutions are all about successful integration of legacy systems and the cloud, so that employee can access information anytime anywhere and with the help of any device, without compromising on data security.

4] Cost Savings

In addition to the benefits discussed above, it also remains a fact that successful implementation of enterprise mobile solutions results in cost savings for the organisation, as the cost of data storage and retrieval is reduced and also the time required to complete tasks is significantly reduced. This contributes to reduction of costs overall.

5] Ease of Sharing Information

The successful implementation of enterprise mobile solutions makes it easy to share data and information on the go. This can be a huge advantage for organizations as data is the future of businesses today and the future is all about streamlining data and its usage.

6] Paperless Business Operations

Enterprise mobile solutions bring in the concept of paperless business operations. With the right set of customised mobile apps, businesses can completely eliminate the need for paperwork to maintain data. Digitalization is the future of organizations and mobile solutions are a great step in this direction. Paperwork can not just be cumbersome and time consuming, but also add to the cost of storage and maintenance. With a paperless system in place, organisations can reduce costs and at the same time, contribute towards a green planet.

By Haadi