Airsoft and paintball are pretty similar sports, and they can be played exactly the same way. There are a few key differences, such as that airsoft is used more in military and law enforcement reenactments than paintball. In this sense, gameplay can differ, but people use paintball guns for reenactments as well (just not as often). If you look at the big picture, the games aren’t that different, but sometimes strategy and tactics must be changed depending on the specs of your and your opponent’s gun. The guns used in airsoft and paintball differ greatly. Paintball guns have a hopper that you pour paintballs into, while airsoft guns use clips. Therefore, loading and unloading is usually easier in airsoft, as is carrying around extra clips. In paintball, you need to have a vest or belt to put large cylinders of paintballs into. That doesn’t mean that airsoft has paintball trumped in this category. Paintball guns can usually carry more ammo than an airsoft gun, and you can still reload relatively quickly. Ammunition; paintballs in paintball, 6mm BBs in airsoft. This is an important thing to consider. In a forest, there are many tiny branches that can break paintballs, thus stopping them from reaching their target. You have to find a very open area without any obstructions. Airsoft pellets are very small and the likelihood of them hitting tiny obstacles is miniscule. Also, in many cases they can be more accurate than paintballs, so it may not take as much time for a game to end as it might with paintball. The speed, in FPS, of airsoft is also usually higher (between 300fps and 400fps). It can be as low as 120fps, but that isn’t very efficient in an airsoft game. Paintballs can also be dodged; it doesn’t happen often, but if you see one coming toward you in advance it is easy to move out of the way. Airsoft pellets are too small to see at a high-speed, and dodging is basically out of the question. Therefore, overall, in the case of ammunition, airsoft has the advantage. The next item on the list is maneuverability. Airsoft gunpellet fapellet brikett fabrikett are definitely easy to hold and run with, while with paintball there are big and bulky external CO­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­2 and N2 (or compressed air) containers. Also, the hopper can sometimes get in the way. One gets used to how paintball guns are made, but shooting an airsoft gun is, well, somewhat of a relief. Some people have made advanced apparatuses where CO­2 is on their backs, and a tube from the paintball gun coils around into the tank on their back. I personally saw a man with two paintball guns, each with two tubes extending from the guns to the back-CO2 tanks. It was pretty cool. Anyways, it is clear that airsoft beats paintball in maneuverability. Another important thing is maintenance. Paintball guns you do need to oil, clean, and of course refill CO2­ (depending on how much you play, frequently). If you have a gas airsoft gun, that will also needed to be refilled, but electric and spring airsoft guns require no gas at all. Both kinds of guns can break if not properly maintained. Paintball guns need the barrel regularly cleaned, although that is relatively simple. Most of the time, paintball guns have more parts than airsoft guns, and they may be more costly to repair, but crucial problems rarely occur in either gun type. The thing about airsoft is people can cheat very easily. In paintball, the ball explodes and the paint is very visible on the person. Sure, one could wipe off the paint, but people rarely risk it because if they are caught, well, they are in trouble. However, somebody can get hit in airsoft and just shake it off. If there are two very competitive people playing, and they keep getting hit, one or the other can’t really prove it, unless they are close enough up to see the pellet hit the person. Airsoft relies on the honesty system, and sometimes that isn’t enough. 6mm paintballs are always an option, but they can break in the barrel, and that causes problems. The superior product really is a matter of opinion, as there is no clear-cut winner. Each type of gun has its own advantages and disadvantages. Usually, if you start with paintball, you’ll stick with paintball, and likewise with airsoft.

By Haadi