Carpet tiles are also known as soft modular flooring or carpet in a box.Installation of Carpet Tiles for StairsThe carpet tiles for stairs are relatively easy to install and have a strong backing. Thus, they require no underlay or adhesive and there is less waste produced in case of unsymmetrical shaped rooms, as compared to other flooring types. As the carpet tile installation is comparatively easy, you can lay them yourself and save a lot of bucks which you would have required in the case of professional installation. If you happen to damage or break even one tile, it won’t pose much of a problem, as you can just replace it with other carpet tiles for stairs. Thus, it is a very cost-effective solution of installing carpet tiles for your rooms.Before you begin carpet tile installation, measure the length and width of the individual stairs carefully. The length measures should be divided with the length of one tile. The number of tiles should be rounded off to the nearest whole number. The width of the stair should be measured and divided with the width of one tile. Again, round off the answer to the nearest whole number. The length and breadth you calculated, should be multiplied to each other.

This will give you the answer to number of tiles required for each stair. Then, determine the tile direction and ensure that all tiles run in the same direction. You can use a chalk to plan out the layout of the carpet tiles.Apply double-sided carpet tape to the corners of the carpet square or pull the tabs on the adhesive strips that are present on some carpet tiles. Spread the adhesive evenly on the stairs, as uneven adhesive lead to bumpy stairs. Lay the first carpet tile in place and ensure it is placed in a well aligned manner. Place other tiles along its edges in the same direction. The cut edges of the cut carpet tiles should be placed, facing the wall. If you need to cut a tile, use a utility knife and cut straight. Use a nosing, when applying carpet tiles on stairs. The direction of the tiles should be such that, it faces inward on the treads and downwards of the stairs. If you still have any doubts or confusion, refer to the manufacturers instruction on the carpet tile boxes.Types and Sizes of Carpet Tiles for StairsThese easy to install carpet tiles can be used as a wall to wall room coverage, area rug or as runners for hallways and walkways. You can install these tiles directly over the existing tiles or linoleum floors. These tiles can be removed easily for cleaning purposes and can be replaced with new adhesive disks.You can find many styles and colors of carpet tiles for stairs that match your home decor and color. You can even mix different designs and create a pattern of your own. The sizes of carpet tiles vary according to the manufacturer. You may find 18 by 20 and 24 by 24 size square tiles. You can buy carpet tiles for stairs in a set of 3 to 15 and even choose those with a pre-cut adhesive packing. You should ensure, you are buying a stair carpet tile and not the regular carpet tile. You can differentiate between the two as the regular carpet tiles are larger in size and rubber is used in the stair carpet tile, instead of adhesive backing on the regular one.Carpet tiles for stairs are good options for decorating your home and will last for many years. Read the manufactures instruction carefully during the installation of carpet tiles. They are easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and spills can be cleaned promptly. Ask the local dealer for more information on carpet tiles for stairs and invest in a long-term, cost-effective home decor accessory.

By Haadi