Monday morning and a freshly brewed coffee got me thinking does Yoga really work? A quick search over the Internet showed Yoga cures at least 10 diseases. This seems very interesting and I decided to delve deeper and uncover how contorting your body can cure disease.

Here are 5 Asanas I attempt to demistify:

Pranayama – Asthma
Triangle pose Asana – Diabetes
Child pose Asana – Indigestion
Sirasana – Migraine headaches
Uttanasana – Depression

At first look, I am ambivalent on the efficacy of yoga on these illnesses. Looking from a medical point of view, all the diseases above can be considered life style diseases. And modifying your life style with some changes can help you treat them. Yoga does recommend life style changes but the question is if the asanas alone help. All asanas do promote and change blood flow but I want to go in-depth and review all the asanas and see exactly what happens when an Asana is done.


Pranayama is the art and science of yogic breathing techniques. Practitioners of Yoga claim that it helps fight off diseases such as weight gain and also asthma. Asthma is basically an increased hypersensitivity or responsiveness of the wind pipe to any allergen. So we need to see if Pranayama can help reduce this sensitivity. Pranayama claims to improve the amount of air getting to all parts of the lung. Theoretically, even though your lungs can expand to more maximum than they are in normal breathing, the amount of extra oxygen coming in would be minimal.

The second logic given is that the increased respiration causes movement of lymph that boosts the immune system. This logic does has some merit.

But, Prayanama is not completely safe. Exhaling is done against a closed glottis and this can increase lung pressure leading to hematomas or pneumothorax.

I would say a medical exam would be necessary to see if you can perform the exercise. Alternatively, you can consult a Doctor online to help clear you for this Asana.

2.Triangle pose Asana

Also known as the Trikona-asana. This is an asana where the legs are spread to the shape of a triangle and person bends sideways in such a way to face the sky. And the opposite hand is pointed to the sky. Trikona-asana claims to cure type 2 diabetes. The treatment of type 2 Diabetes is by diet and exercise(1st line treatment). Assuming you do yoga but keep consuming lots of sugary foods, it is unlikely to help. However, supposing you restricted your diet, you can lose some weight with repetition of this asana as it is relatively an aerobic activity. So, you do burn calories naturally by this method and help fight diabetes. But, I would not recommend that you stop medication and hope that yoga alone will help.

By Haadi