Hemp Oil is LEGAL.

Hemp Oil as in the oil, juices, materials that are extracted from Hemp plant are completely legal. As in any Hemp derived produce from Hemp fibres all the way to Hemp crude extract are 100% legal.

This is because Hemp Oil is derived from the Hemp plant, NOT the cannabis plant. This comes down to the THC content in cannabis plants. Simply put cannabis plants have these large bulbous buds hanging off them that are filled with THC. Therefore when chowed down to a liquid the THC is likely to be in the 10% to 30% range. This is an illegal level of THC. On the other hand Hemp plants are reaped for their leaves, stalks and roots that have miniscule amounts of THC ranging from 0.2% to 0.3%. In most countries this constitutes a legal level of THC.

Therefore this is the first argument towards ending the stigma towards Hemp Oil as a business. The legality of which is recognised across the globe and within many governments. Subsequently business circles and entrepreneurs should not shy away from Hemp Oil as a start up business due to efficacy of use and the law.

Next we will talk on the added ingredients that can come hand in hand with Hemp Oil.

Hemp Oil doesn’t have to come alone.

Many businesses already in the supplement market can be reluctant to take on Hemp Oil as a business. This is because they may not have the capacity for the heavy set, and highly regulated extraction processes needed to get Hemp Oil out of Hemp plants.

However those in business circles should look to bring Hemp Oil to the public through white labelling whereby a third party manufacturer would extract the Hemp Oil. The benefit of doing this is that the supplement company could then infuse their supplements they already make with the white label Hemp Oil they purchase from their supplier. The end product is called a CBD infused product.

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This is a unique take on Hemp Oil as not many companies have CBD infused products. For example CBD infusions such as Turmeric infused CBD, that is sold by All Round CBD allows them to make use of the Turmeric they already have and Hemp Oil together, to give something innovative to the public.

By Haadi