One of the best ways to boost brand awareness and enhance SEO results is video marketing. It plays a vital role in ensuring the overall success of a website and holds viewer attention. According to a ComScore survey, websites with videos hold viewer attention for more than two minutes as compared to an average website that has no videos. This is one of the many surveys that state the power of video marketing in helping businesses achieve desired results.

Videos are effective for SEO, brand recognition and conversions. They can be used as a part of a company’s content strategy. Search engine optimization is all about boosting the ranking of a website on Google’s first page and videos help in achieving the same. As per a Forrester study, web pages having videos are 53x more likely to rank on Google’s first page of search results. Even though this study was conducted in 2009, even today Google SERPs (search engine results page) continue to prioritize video results to a great extent.

Top SEO companies in Mumbai has also been focusing on video SEO. Due to Google’s search algorithm update- Hummingbird, the focus has shifted on content that is relevant and answers the query presented by the web visitor. Compared to plain text, approximately 80% video content shown in Google SERPs are informational videos, offering useful content. Since Google now cares for relevant content, these videos help in fulfilling the purpose of SEO strategies.

According to experts, it is best to keep such videos short (4-5 minutes), transcribe the script and create video snippets for video SERP. For instance, by having a video snippet besides search results it becomes easy to ensure a high click-through rate as compared to plain text. Quality video content can be advertised through video thumbnails, making web visitors notice.

A web design company in Mumbai will create an attractive site for your business but having relevant content, especially informative videos will surely help in getting traffic. People love watching videos that are interesting and that give them the required information.

How to make videos work for your business?

Irrespective of your marketing campaign goals, it is necessary to follow certain SEO video marketing practices. For instance, you need to include all relevant keywords when creating the title tags for your videos. Whether you upload the video on your website or on any other channel, make sure the title tag has only relevant keywords for SEO purpose. At least try and include one or two SEO keywords as naturally as possible.

Relevant SEO keywords should also be added to the tag fields and summary of the videos. No matter what service you use for releasing the videos, make sure you follow this practice to help search engines.

Videos need to encourage users to interact with the brand. It is also recommended to include a call to action towards the end of the video so that the customers know what to do after watching the video.

By Haadi