The peninsula of Mani is a traditionalcitadel town with a treasure of Frankish castles, fortified towers, Byzantine churches and architecture and magnificent scenic views.

Though the isolated town has developed separately from the rest of the Greece, it doesn’t make the old town and its inhabitants any less hospitable. Distinct traditions, fortified dwellings and towers from the period of Ottoman, Venetian and Byzantine dynasties make Mani an archaeological site for tourists.

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While landscapes, mountains, forests and villages are mesmerising all year round, discovering the Greek nature with bespoke travel services of Greecefullywould be a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

In addition, for nature lovers who don’t mind exploring bits of history, architecture and culture on their eco tours, Greecefully has well-designed eco tour packages that will just sooth your wanderlust.

Travel with Greecefully and you can enjoy:

  • A myriad of pleasurableeco-friendly activities including the likes of gardening, farm product tasting, soap making, breeding, seasonal cooking and more.
  • A conform stay ata private farm houseamidst peaceful olive groves and fields.
  • Hassle-free transfers between airports and your destinations
  • Two fun-filled eco-tours everydayto discover beautiful mountains, landscapes, lakes, rivers and the local life.
  • Meals that include traditional delicacies and flavourful local feasts.
  • A certified English speaking guide well acquainted with local attractions, routes and lifestyle.

By Haadi