The Mount Pleasant neighborhood is one of Vancouver, BC’s hottest areas right now. With plenty of unique shops and hip eateries, it comes as no surprise that this quarter of the city is one of the best places to see and be seen in the region. A qualified Vancouver real estate agent can help make the dream of actually living in Mount Pleasant a reality.

Mount Pleasant is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighborhoods. Once strictly working class, the district which officially stretches from Cambie Street to Clark Drive and to the South from 16th Avenue, has now been revitalized and is enjoying a second incarnation as a neighborhood suitable for singles, young couples, and families just starting out.

A few years ago, real estate in Mount Pleasant was quite affordable. However, a boom in development has brought an influx of people and a corresponding hike in prices. With the help of a real estate professional it’s still possible to find a good deal on housing here, though the market is competitive. Housing in Mount Pleasant is in high demand because it’s so easy to be entertained here. The neighborhood is a centrally located, urban environment. That means an easy commute to work and myriad opportunities for recreation and enjoyment.

In a city that is renowned for its love of good food, Mount Pleasant is at the forefront of offering gourmet fare. Gourmands and foodies alike flock here to sample fare from around the globe. It’s like taking a world tour without ever leaving home. People who chose to invest in east Mount Pleasant real estate or even west Mount Pleasant real estate will have ample reasons to never prepare their own meals again. With hot spots like Les Faux Bourgeois, Sushiyama, and Three Lions Café vying for the attention of residents, there is no reason to stay in at night. The area also abounds in low key spots where residents can take in a quiet meal and maybe even a little live music – and all right around the corner from their own home!

The night life in Mount Pleasant is on seven nights a week. Residents who decide to boogie the night away will be exhausted long before they’ve had a chance to visit every club in this hopping district. An interesting mix of experiences resides here, from meat markets to upscale taverns, something for everyone’s mood and style. Monks is popular among the locals who show up for a delicious dinner on the patio when the weather is just right. Live music and spectacular views round out the offerings here in an elegant atmosphere anyone can appreciate.

A more lively experience can be had at the Roxy Night Club. The exterior of the club might put off visitors, but the residents know better. Inside is a hip night spot that features live music every night of the week. A range of rock, hip hop, soul, funk, and everything in between is offered here while patrons dance the night away on a creatively lit dance floor. Drinks are inexpensive and the mood is casual – with that kind of atmosphere, residents keep coming back for more.

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East Mount Pleasant homes for sale are largely condominiums, with a few single family dwellings also on the market. The vibe of this neighborhood really caters to singles and young couples who have no objection to partying on a Saturday night – or even a Wednesday, for that matter. Vancouver residents are an eclectic bunch, however, and when they tire of urban delights they head for the great outdoors. With hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and other recreation within a few minute’s drive outside the city, people living in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood can find many creative ways to occupy their free time.

Much like the east side, west Mount Pleasant homes for sale are also mainly condominiums. No matter which side of the district prospective residents choose, they will enjoy easy access to restaurants, clubs, outdoor recreation, and even work. Some condos are ultra modern, consisting of new construction and all the latest innovations and conveniences. Many of these homes command a premium price, but with amenities like these, the cost is well worth it. Other residents like to feel a strong connection with the neighborhood’s past. In this case, it’s a great idea to check into one of the historic buildings which has been converted into condos. Here, home buyers will find modern amenities coupled with old style grandeur. It’s a stylish mix that appeals to a wide range of residents.

Whether choosing the east side or the west side of Mount Pleasant, new residents will find lots of ways to have fun in their new neighborhood. With plenty of restaurants and night spots, Mount Pleasant offers something for everyone.

By Haadi