Since it became a real profession and people started going to some special schools for design, the landscape design field is now present world wide. The first schools for design were built in the USA. The USA is known as being the first power of the world, their great economy has made them the trend setting country. The United States is divided into 50 states and a federal district. Each state has its own autonomy, culture, tradition and laws. All these differences creates the idea of a melting pot, meaning that every state has its “personality” but they altogether form a single invincible power. The USA is known as the country of free will and actually this freedom influences their artistic expression as well.The landscape design field is very famous in the United States as a very respected profession which will become a tradition for sure. Each state has its own landscape design style influenced by climate, position, flora and culture. It is known that the USA is a multicultural nation due to its diversity of human races. The art is also well developed and during time it has reached different levels.

The naturalism was the style embraced by the USA in the middle of the 19th century concerning visual arts. Thomas Eakins is now a very celebrated painter world wide thanks to his realist paintings. Hudson River School is one example of the institution that promotes and sustains the visual arts. American people are used to this life and make high-quality things and for this particular reason they also promote and develop this amazing field of landscape design every single day.An extraordinary thing is the capacity of the United States to keep their different styles of design untouched. For example the phoenix landscape design style is one of those styles who maintains itself as a unique one and the phoenix landscape designers always try to get what is best from their culture and put it in their designs. The phoenix landscape design, though, is placed in the USA and it may be influenced by other styles such as dallas landscape style, its specificity is well kept. The landscape designers from the USA also create software for the whole world and by doing that they actually promote the USA’s landscape design all over the world. On the internet one can find a lot of information and software created by american landscape designers in order to glorify their work and also spread the american style of design all over the world.

By Haadi