God has varied energies. Their goal, methodology, nature etc too are varied. Many precepts present themselves while executing various activities of this inert/conscious world and also creating/destructing the same. Hence God classifies these powers for various functions and thus the world is managed optimally. This then is the mystery of Avatars. Time and again God’s divine energies incarnate on earth for overcoming mismanagement and fulfilling various requirements.


As time flows by things that were useful become useless. Although time moves by speedily objects, situations etc cannot keep pace with it. As a result they become withered and useless. Today’s freshly cooked yummy meal starts rotting in just 2 days. Cloth kept for a long time too starts tearing. Strong buildings fall down and the body ages with time. In the same way traditions, beliefs etc too lose their utility value. Society like a house not swept with a broom gets surrounded by undesirable taints. Under such situations the old and tainted has to be removed a replaced with neo creation. For this transformation God’s energy again and again incarnates. Of course ordinary tasks go on as before.

The energy that fulfills the task of time is called ‘Mahakal’. It transforms an entire era. It is also called Rudra. Transformation is generally ‘Raudra’ or terrible in nature. Hence Rudra’s activities too are painful. Via Tandav dance he manifests world annihilation. Via opening of his 3rd eye he burns to ashes all desires including sexual ones. In every part of his body one finds poisonous snakes coiled around. Fearful ghosts, Bhairav, Vaital are his army. What to say about his piercing weapon called Trishul. When he sounds his Damru (small drum) a storm brews in all directions. Such is the terrific Rudra deity who is the leader of era transformation. Behind this terrible fear lies the sentiment of world welfare. Hence on his scalp flows the nectarine River Ganges. The symbol of peace and serenity i.e. moon too is found here. The bull who symbolizes gentlemanliness, faith and goodwill is his vehicle. He neither allows poison to spread in the world nor does he completely gulp it. Instead he holds it in his throat so as to be called Nilkantha (blue throat). Such is Maharudra-Mahakal.

Mahakal’s presiding deity is Mahakali. Mahakal is a precept and Mahakali is the power that manifests this potential in action. The sun dwells millions of miles away from earth. Its rays are known to influence various stars, galaxies etc in interstellar space. If Mahakal is the sun, Mahakali is its rays. The fact maybe anything but its experience is of greater importance for us. Mahakal’s existence can be experienced by us only via Mahakali. Hence we call her ‘mother’. Mahakal no doubt is our father but we can contact him only via Mother Mahakali. No doubt in era transformation Mahakal’s desire and inspiration exist yet the credit for fulfilling this task definitely goes to Mahakali. In order to transform an individual, society and the world that Great Energy which time and again laughs dancingly, dances for world annihilation is called Mahakali who harbors an attitude of world well being.

In Puranas or mythology one finds tantalizing divine sports of Mahakali. When demonic forces ruled the roost, sins augmented, vileness grew like weeds and the balance of world society got marred so as to spread lack, discontent and hell like agitation Mahakali incarnated and challenged vileness. In that battle demons were single handedly overpowered by her. That lack of peace which manifests to ultimately spring forth peace is called Super Peace. She is called Durga meaning one responsible to convert hardships (Durg) into joy. This Durga Energy is Shiva’s (one who wishes everyone’s well being) wife. In marriage males are given more importance than females. But here this is not true. In Shiva-Shakti, Shakti reigns. In the word Siva ‘I’ is none other than Shakti. If ‘I’ is removed the word becomes Shava or corpse. In pictures of Mahakali, she is seen to dance on Shiva’s chest who is lying down on the ground. It means that from shiva’s bosom manifests zest, enthusiasm and energy. If Shiva were not to attain all this, he would remain a mere taintless witness-seer.











Mahakal incarnates time and again. In order to fulfill the mission of era transformation again and again he has taken up many garbs and performed many divine sports. His external forms varied but his inner goal was one viz. ‘paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritan dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge’.

By Haadi