Echo is one of the voice enabled device which was developed by Amazon, the worlds largest eCommerce company. It accepts voice commands to control all the digital devices. The problem of echo not connecting to wifi can happen due to several reasons. Nowadays the demand of echo dot raise and the problems related to them also increase. So when you face any problem related to your echo device you need echo specialist who will sort out your problem. You can get rid out of such situations by taking the help of our echo technical team who are experts and have years of experience in the relevant field. You can approach them at any time, they are available 24*7 hours in your assistance. The problem of amazon echo dot not connecting to wifi can be solved by following a few simple steps.

Before fixing the problem of echo not connecting to wifi issue, you have to know the actual cause of this problem.. Let start troubleshooting by just following these easy steps.

Restart The Echo Device: Before starting troubleshooting, initially restart your device. Sometimes out most of the problems sort out by just reboot the device.
Restart the Modem or Wifi Router: Restart your modem or wifi router manually and wait for five minutes until it gets restarted. Now trying to connectyour echo device with them. Sometime network hardware can cause connectivity problems.

Check Your Wifi Password: If your issue gets resolved, then its ok, If still an issue persists then check your Wifi password. Have you put the correct wifi password or not? Sometimes we change the wifi password and forget to change for the echo device. You can check your wifi password from another device on the same network. Disconnect the device and reconnect it by using the same password as you use for your echo device, If it’s unable to connect, then it means the wifi you are using for echo device is not a correct one.
Reduce Wifi Congesstion: If you have multiple device running on your wifi network, it also creates inconsistent wifi performance. Turn off all other devices which are no longer in use to free up bandwidth on your network. Also ensure your device is closer to the wifi modem or router or it should be in the range of wifi. Make sure your device should be away from interference devices such as microwave and ovens etc.
Reset the Echo device to factory settings: When all the troubleshooting tips fail, then reset the echo device to factory settings.

For First Generation Echo Devices: Press the reset button available at the bottom of the echo device with a paper-clip or a thin object until the light ring turns orange then blue. When you release the button the light turns off and on. When the light turns orange, the echo is restored to its factory settings.
For Second Generation Echo Devices: Press and hold the microphone off and Volume down button simultaneously until the light ring turns orange then blue. When you release the button the light turns off and on. When the light turns orange, the echo is restored

By Haadi