essentials of finance, students would get a good hold upon the technical aspects of the industry.

Beginning with elementary subjects like Principles of Banking and Finance, Fundamentals of Investment, Financial Accounting and others, the students can expect to build a very strong base. With a firm foundation, the structure is even better. This is to highlight the subjects like Financial Intermediation, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Quantitative Finance and a host of others to choose from.

Understanding the functioning of any nation is not an easy task. This course builds and enhances the analytical thinking of students. At times, we have heard of the Federal Reserve hiking the interest rates, the Indian Government issuing bonds in the market, inflation rates rising through the roof, individuals gazing at share prices throughout the day and what not. Though many of us are curious about all this, it takes tonnes of effort to comprehend the information. Diploma in Banking and Finance will take the cognitive ability of students to another level. They will not just comprehend but will be able to criticize various topics and decisions. But, to reach that level, the course demands the three Ds of success: Dedication, Devotion and Determination. There is never a shortcut to success. The course is a rigorous one and exacts a great effort from the students. It bridges the gap between industry requirements and skills of graduates.

It is when the students graduate the course; they realize that all the effort gone into it is worth it. They come out as industry ready professionals, all set to grab a sea of opportunities that come with this specialization. While some go on to become Managers at reputed banks, others serve as Financial Analysts. Some join the financial services industry where they are associated with Credit rating agencies and consultancies.

By Haadi