It has been estimated that every single day, 98 million cups of coffee are drunk in the UK. That is an impressive statistic for a country that is traditionally considered a tea drinking nation. As a result of this gradual switch from tea to coffee, high-quality coffee machines are in increasing demand. During the lockdown, home coffee machines became very popular as many working from home missed the coffee culture they had enjoyed in the workplace.

COFFEE STATISTIC: Surprisingly, 60% of coffee in the UK is drank at home.
Professional Coffee Machines – What’s the Difference?

Professional coffee machines are also becoming increasingly popular, as the value of being able to provide users with great quality hot coffee-based drinks on-site is being recognised by more and more workplaces. While it may be tempting, especially for smaller businesses, to opt for a home coffee machine, commercial coffee machines offer many different features that can make them the better choice for workplaces and the often heavy demand this ensues.
Size and Capacity

The first thing one notices about a commercial coffee machines compared with a home coffee machine is its larger size. Home coffee machines are meant to accommodate the needs of a single household and a small number of coffees a day. Due to their lower output, they simply are not designed to churn out coffee after coffee. The much bigger commercial coffee machine, however, store water in large boilers. This equips it with the ability to meet the needs of a busy commercial space and produce high quality coffee at an impressive rate.

COFFEE STATISTIC: 67% of workers believe they are more productive after a coffee break.

Professional Coffee Machines Have Large Water Boilers

Home coffee machines are fitted with a relatively smaller boiler, which means its capacity and drinks output is lower. As it has to meet a much lower demand than commercial coffee machines, its smaller boiler reflects this. On the other hand, commercial coffee machines have to generate a much larger drinks output, and this is reflected in its larger water boiler. Most of the time, in order to supply the heavy use, commercial coffee machines are plumbed in from the building’s water supply.
Latte Macchiato or Mocha!? – Drinks Choice

The drink choice that a home coffee machine offers is very limited, and even the top range ones can only provide variety in the form of a hot or frothed milk option. On the other hand, commercial coffee machines, being much larger, can offer a wide variety of hot beverages. Traditional espresso machines can create a huge number of different drinks by using a shot of espresso as a base and a steam wand for creating milk foam. Less manual input is required for Commercial bean to cup coffee machines, which can produce a dazzling array of coffee and chocolate-based beverages and also feature a preset option that can be tailored to the user’s customised preferences.

By Haadi