The moment babies discover mobility, there is no end to the things they will do. The baby that moves around on its tummy is soon going to crawl at a pace that will put a runner to shame. Take certain precautions as a quick money making parent who wants to ensure safety for the little one every day. Check your house from ground to knee level to find the trouble creators. Open electrical sockets must be plugged, dust collected in a corner is a potential source of infection and any areas that are used to dump waste are interesting to babies. You should plan your work hours around your baby.


Nap Time



Most babies sleep for a few hours during the day. You require rest as well. Learn the art of power napping for ten to fifteen minutes as a quick money making parent. Place the baby in such a way that it cannot fall from a height. It is all right to place the baby on a mattress on the floor to avoid mishaps. Let there be no direct light hitting the baby’s face and ensure that the room is well ventilated. It is a good idea to keep your computer in the same room as long as the baby has not started crawling.


Play Time


Everything in the house has the potential to interest the child. Keep the playthings for the baby within easy reach and play with it. Arrange for another person to spend some time in your house during its play time. This will make it possible for you to have at least an hour on your quick money making work.



Lone Time


Babies need lone time too, with supervision throughout. Let the baby’s bedroom be the safe room with nothing dangerous being available at ground level. A baby that is dry and well fed will allow you time for continuing work on quick money making projects while it plays with its toys. Most babies do not watch television and it is best to avoid keeping the television on to keep the baby engaged since this will affect mental capability. Since every item will be placed in the mouth, stationery, pins, buttons, clips and coins must not remain on the ground.

Night Time


This is a time when your partner should take the baby for a walk so that you are able to complete your quick money making projects. If this is not feasible, take the baby out yourself and settle it down to some soothing music while you complete your work. This helps the baby to learn to sleep on its own and allows you to get the required quota of sleep without worrying about incomplete assignments. The sleep patterns of the baby will undergo a rapid change until the age of three years. So, take just as much work as you can manage and do not be distressed about opportunities that are too demanding. As the baby grows older, you will find yourself able to take on more work.

By Haadi