A business owner has a lot riding on his or her store.  Even the most comprehensive business plan is only as good as the security of the store.  Protecting a business from loss due to theft and vandalism is a high priority for every business owner.  This is true for every business,Schlage: Pioneer in Commercial Security Articles no matter what type of product or service it offers.  For this reason, it’s critical that business owners choose commercial locks, such as those manufactured by Schlage, that have proven themselves in the commercial lock industry for decades.


The two most common types of commercial locks(including Schlage locks) on the market today are the cylindrical lock and the deadbolt lock.  A cylindrical lock is so-named because its major component is a cylinder.  A cylindrical lock can be activated from both the interior and the exterior of the building.  Most cylindrical commercial locks can be activated without a key from the inside.  However, they must be activated from the exterior with a key.


With a cylindrical commercial lock, a key is inserted which rotates the cylinder.  The cylinder then turns the attached cam.  When the key turns in one direction, the cam pulls in on the bolt, releasing the lock from the door frame.  Turn the key in the other direction and the cam releases the bolt and a spring snaps it back into place, securing it into the lock mechanism.

Deadbolt locks work on similar principles to cylindrical locks.  The major difference between cylindrical and deadbolt locks is that deadbolt locks do not have a spring mechanism.  Instead, when a key is inserted into a deadbolt lock, it is the turning cylinder that slides the bolt back and forth (open and closed.)  The absence of the spring mechanism makes deadbolt locks harder to pick.  This is the main reason that almost every commercial building has a deadbolt lock or a deadbolt lock in combination with another type of commercial lock.

Cylindrical locks are found on nearly every building in the world, both commercial and residential.  The fact that they are so widely used and depended upon pays tribute to the inventor of the cylindrical lock, Walter Schlage.  Schlage is considered a pioneer in the world of building security.  He invented the cylindrical lock in 1909, which revolutionized the security industry and today is synonymous with “Schlage locks.”  His original design has been copied by numerous companies, and has since been improved upon by Schlage himself, and by his successors in

By Haadi