If you’re looking have a lawn that is easy to care for and looks good you can’t get past synthetic grass. Normal grass is not only expensive to lay but requires continuous maintenance throughout its life. It can also be very frustrating especially when you would prefer to be doing something else rather than working to maintain a natural grass lawn in a reasonable state. You can’t always put it off or it would just get out of control. On the other hand a lawn made from synthetic grass does not need continuous looking after, it does not matter if you put off some maintenance for another day. Synthetic grass does not grow.One of the biggest obstacles to your perfect lawn are weeds. They look unsightly, they compete for all the nutrients in your soil which makes your grass look worse. Keeping a lawn weed free takes a lot of time as well as money spent on weed killers and pesticides. The worst task I can think of is pulling out those stubborn weeds that just won’t die. Weed killers are also poisonous and you have to spray often if you really want to keep the weeds down. You have to do this to keep a real lawn free from weeds, or


you can simply install a naturally weed free synthetic lawn made from synthetic grass and never worry about weeds again.To keep a real lawn green and beautiful is a massive challenge, especially in drought areas which seem to be coming more and more often. To keep it good you need to put down fertilizers several times a year. You’ll also need a quality lawn mower keeping the blades sharp if you wish to keep your lawn crisp, fresh and evenly cut. Just another piece of machinery you need to purchase, house and maintain. Synthetic grass always stays lush, green and perfect without any fertilizing or mowing. Just like with weed-control, you save time and money.What is the worst thing to see on real grass, brown spots, these can be the result of pet urine or some other spillage. To get rid of these can be a real challenge. You can get grass repair kits, but if there are many brown spots this may not be practical as well as another added expense. With synthetic grass you do not have to worry about brown spots even if your pets urinate on the synthetic grass often.The development of synthetic grass has made great strides in the last few years, so much that it is quite impossible to tell the difference between it and the real thing. So if you want that perfect lawn that stays perfect all year round, a synthetic lawn made from today’s synthetic grass is just the choice for you.

By Haadi