When creating your list of “must have” wedding shots for your photographer, you are no doubt thinking of the people at your wedding, ensuring that every combination of families and friends is captured so you’ll have a record of who was there and all the joyful moments you shared.

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But you put a lot of time and effort into the plan and design of your wedding, so don’t overlook the not to miss details in your list of photographer’s shots. The flower arrangements you labored over will be the last thing you have time to glance at on your wedding day, and by the time you see the table of escort cards you painstakingly wrote out, most of them will probably be gone. Ask your photographer to ensure they get the details you put your time and efforts into in the months leading up to the wedding. Here’s a cheat sheet of ideas:


–          Tables and event setup: Ensure that the photographer gets to the reception site before the guests so he has the opportunity to take photos of the tables before people are sitting at them and to capture the look and feel of the room while it is still empty, but decorated. It’s an image you may never get to see in person!


–          Jewelry, cufflinks and accessories, especially if they have sentimental value: You painstakingly selected the accessories for your wedding. Ensure that the photographer captures shots showcasing these pieces, especially if they are family heirlooms or special gifts.

–          Place cards, invitations and other paper products: Many brides spend dozens of hours on their invites, place cards and menu cards, but you likely won’t have the time to see how it all came together in the end. Have your photographer capture these works of art so you have a record of the projects you undertook.

–          Signage: If you made particularly creative signage, it probably captures the feel of your event, whether it’s a cute list of signature cocktails or arrows pointing guests to the barn for dancing. Make sure the photographer knows about these details and that he should look for them to take photos.

By Haadi