Sometimes, you will find it necessary to travel somewhere with your cat in tow.  Doing so is not always easy.  Here are a few tips for springtime traveling with your cat.

Many people who travel with their cats do so by car.  On the road, you want to avoid allowing your cat to roam around the car freely.  You never know what could happen.  She may interfere with your operation of the pedals or otherwise distract you.  Not to mention the fact that your cat could get severely injured upon flying around in the event you get in an accident.
It is best that you keep your cat inside of an appropriate carrier while you are traveling by car.  The carrier should not be placed in the front seat for safety reasons.  Your passenger side airbag will generate enough force to crush the carrier and cat if it deploys.

Some cats get sick easily when traveling in a car.  If yours does, you may want to avoid feeding too much while on the road.  It may be a good idea to give your kitty a few treats though, especially if she is acting upset.  Water should be available for your cat though.

Traveling with your cat by plane is also another option.  Make sure that you check with the airline to see if it will be an issue.  Some airlines allow you to take one pet in the cabin, while others require you to check them into the luggage area.

If you intend to keep your cat with you, make sure that your particular carrier is small enough to fit under the seat.  Also, traveling in the luggage area is no picnic, and it may be hard on your cat’s health.  With this in mind, you may want to get your cat checked out by the vet to ensure that it is safe to travel.

Cats with a pre-existing medical condition will have an increased risk of suffering problems when flying.  No matter how you are traveling though, you will need to bring along all medications that your cat needs.  You do not want to take a chance that your destination will not have the medications available for you.

If your cat has a special type of food that she eats, then you will need to bring her food along with you too.  Once again, you may have a hard time finding the special food wherever you are traveling with your cat.

By Haadi