Eager to give the best learning to your kid in Gorakhpur? If that’s the case, you are at the right place to find out the Top 10 CBSE Board Schools in Gorakhpur which will provide the best possible education to your children. Our team of experts have researched and shortlisted these schools on their performance for the readers’ benefit.

Here is the list of Top CBSE schools in Gorakhpur

G N National Public School

The best education parents can find near Gorakhpur is G N National Public High school, which holds an A1 Best School grade. Amongst the Indian schooling institutions, this academic establishment is a unique treasure.

The Pillars Public School


The Pillars Public School is Gorakhpur’s second finest institution.

This educational establishment receives a perfect score of ten out of ten. And the rankings and ratings are maxes based on the results of 106 students who took the board test last year and received an average score of 80.63 per cent.

Little Flower School

The 4th finest facility in Gorakhpur is Little Flower School. It is India’s 288th private school. However, the rankings and ratings are based on the results of 255 students as these pupils took the board test the year before and earned an average of 84.73 per cent.

Divine Public School

Divine Public School is ranked as the fifth finest institute in Gorakhpur, which receives an overall score of 8 out of 10. Rankings and ratings are based on the results of 93 students who took the board test last year and got an average of 76.31 per cent.

H.P. Children’s Academy

By Haadi