exact shape as you have thought about in the beginning. For this purpose some precautions are very useful that alert you if you are about to make a mistake in your work. When you are about to develop a landscape in your house office or any other place then you must keep one thing under consideration. The type of plants trees and other accessories that you use in your landscape must be according to your environment. Talking about the plants if you select some plants that do not belong to your area and they are from a colder region then they will be damaged in hot summers. Similarly if you select flowering plants that only grow flowers in spring then the rest of year there will be no colour in your landscape. Select some plants whose leaves change their colour according to the season.When you start your landscape design it in some specific order or method such as you can use a method of higher to lower. Like you plant the tallest trees at first and then at every step you plant less tall trees. Similarly trees and other accessories like waterfalls or wooden structures should also have symmetry according to the environment.


If you do not make symmetry in your landscape then it does not look good. When you develop a landscape you are not doing it for a short time. You need it for a long time so select those types of plants that are fresh and green all the year. This is beneficial for you as the scenery around you will remain green throughout the year and will look pleasant. This also reduces the finance to maintain the landscape as there is no need to plant new plants in your landscape in every season. Also remember that never use too much delicate trees, plants or flower bed because there is also possibility of acute water shortage that might be destroying your whole landscape and hence you need to build an entire new set-up for yourself. Use those plants that are strong enough to deal with the water shortage and can grow again after these types of problems.While you are designing a landscape for some place then do not just use the plantation for your place. Also use other landscaping accessories like fences waterfalls. Stone combinations or stone pathways sometimes even you can use small your pet houses in designing your landscapes but doing all these things also keep in mind that once you develop a landscape it has to be maintained also. So try to develop a landscape that is easy to sustain and also the maintenance cost is low and affordable. This should also be kept in mind that the landscape you are developing must be close to nature and the elements of your landscape should be also not very expensive as they need a lot of maintenance.

By Haadi