There is something about modern furniture which is accommodating and adapting to every individual’s taste. It is in the way the tiny pieces fit snugly into forgotten corners. A small room suddenly opens up doors of opportunity for storage and decor pieces. Every aspect of a home is taken care of by the manufacturers of modern furniture. Not even your resting space goes ignored.

Over the years modern furniture has seen a dramatic rise in the variety of beds on display, for sale and in the homes of those with a flair for the contemporary. These beds are chic, classy, occupy less space and add an extra touch of contemporary style to your bedroom. Leading this area of style in the bed segment are the modern platform beds.

Platform Beds
Change is a way of life. How many times have you experienced this phenomenon personally? What you liked ten years ago could be something you go to lengths to avoid now. Why should your taste in furniture remain the same decade after decade? A simple change of your bed from a traditional one to a modern bed can take your bedroom from conventional to contemporary. And if contemporary is what tickles your fashion senses then you must explore the possibility of modern platform beds.

The edgy frames of the modern platform beds are impressive and classy. They come in a wide range of materials and can be customized to blend in with the theme of your bedroom. Their elaborate space allows for huge, comfortable mattresses and cramped up sleeping styles become a thing of the past.

Some of the best modern platform beds sport a Japanese construct. Their unique, sharp bends give them an attitude and fashion flair.

Benefits of Platform Beds
Modern beds are designed to be comfortable and elegant. They occupy lesser space, while adding some jazz to the bedroom. Platform beds are by far the most adapting of modern beds. Some of the advantaged of the platform bed are:

  •     Their contemporary design is an easy fit into almost any theme.
  •     Their sturdy framework and absence of headboards uses lesser material and hence is more cost effective.

Japanese platform beds are a big hit in urban homes. Their pleasing designs, with minimal muss blend in with any room. In fact most modern beds, platforms or otherwise, are influenced by Japanese designs.

The introduction of platform beds into a contemporary urban lifestyle has added style to the peaceful concept of resting. Their sleek presence adds personality to the bedroom, while their compact design ensures you have a comfortable sleep. Style and elegance are comfortably amalgamated in this easy to assemble concept. Platform beds end up making a room look more spacious by their simplistic design and rid the bedroom of a ‘closed in’ or closeted feel. A platform bed is perhaps the smartest investment to make in your bedroom.

By Haadi