Even though one can observe from the news that the economy seems to have stopped slipping down the hill, the fact is that the foreclosure rate is still at record high. Millions of U.S. home owners are facing foreclosure right now. Home mortgage loan modification is one of the methods that these people try to avail since it seems that most other options are not as viable or are not that accessible to them.

Modifying one’s loan is basically negotiations of the debtor with the creditor in order to change some of the terms and amounts. This change is permanent and it is done in order for the debtor to afford the monthly payment and to stop foreclosure of the property. How or what are the changes that are usually done in restructuring? Usually, the interest rate is lowered, also the amount of the monthly payments. One can also ask for an extension or a grace period so that one can have more time in trying to look for better income opportunities to make the payments. There are also a lot of other options that may be made available to you depending on your situation and the disposition of your lender.

In any case a modification of your terms and agreement is a very good option for the home owners trying to fight off foreclosure. Applying for a loan mortgage modification will help derail the need for refinancing which is a harder and much more problematic way of avoiding the foreclosure of your house. Refinancing requires a lot more paperwork and bureaucratic red tape process. Why? Because refinancing is getting a whole new one with a whole new set of terms and conditions. Doing this on the other hand is far simpler and less problematic because it is simply just a couple of changes on the terms and conditions as well as in the agreed amounts. That’s why a lot of people who want a faster and easier way of stopping foreclosure go for this process. One of the biggest differences between this process and refinancing is that with latter, one’s credit will have to be checked. With modifying agreements on loaned properties, it has already been pre-approved of course.



One must remember though that with loanmod process, there is another requirement that must be met. Those who are going to apply need to have a valid reason for being in financial straights. By “valid” this means that the reason for the homeowners financial crisis was something unavoidable such as loss of income due company cutbacks, a death in the family, medical bills, natural disasters or accidents, or anything else that could not have been foreseen. Therefore, after the home mortgage loan modification application has been filled up, one will have to write a letter of explanation. This letter should clearly and concisely explain the whole situation as to why the homeowner cannot keep up with the monthly payments. This letter should also explain how the homeowner plans on paying the newly modified agreement if ever it is approved. Calling the loss mitigation dept of one’s lender is also a good idea after the letter is sent.

By Haadi