and, if so, why it should not be legalized outright. Users argue that the drug is not dangerous or addictive. They furthermore point out that it is one hundred percent natural and that there is no proof that it can harm casual users. Many medical studies have shown that there are indeed many medical benefits and institutions such as the medical marijuana Denver, CO dispensary is an excellent example in point.One of the most important weapons in the arsenal of those wanting cannabis to be legalized is the landmark 1988 statement by the US Department of Justice that states that there is no proof whatsoever that marijuana contains any toxins and that there is no possibility of overdosing. In fact, there are no records that anybody has ever died directly because of cannabis use. This is indeed a startling fact, especially when the many deaths that can be attributed to officially approved drugs are taken into consideration.One of the most common used of cannabis for medical purposes is to control severe pain. Many

authoritative studies have documented that the drug is highly efficient in helping to control chronic pain and to enable patients to function better. Migraines have also been treated very successfully in this manner. In certain cases, where they pain is caused by fatal diseases, cannabis is often the only pain treatment that seems to have a beneficial effect.A myriad studies have shown the potential benefits of medical marijuana in the treatment of patients with certain mental disorders. Many successes have been reported in the treatment of schizophrenia while mixed successes have been documented in the treatment of depression sufferers. Those with bipolar conditions have also reacted positively after treatment with this drug. There are some indications that cannabis can lead to depression if used for a long period of time, and studies on this subject continue.Patients that are treated for diseases such as certain types of cancer, Aids and other life threatening diseases often lose their appetites and they lose weight that they should not lose. Excessive weight loss, especially when accompanied by nausea can easily negate the positive effects of the treatment. Marijuana is well known for its ability to cause a healthy appetite and to prevent nausea.While not considered to be a serious disease, muscle cramps and tension cause many people agony and sometimes it even has a negative influence on their ability to function properly. Premenstrual women are particularly prone to debilitating cramps. Cannabis has a long and well documented history in helping to relieve these conditions.Worldwide studies continue in further potential benefits of the drug in the medical field and currently several studies are investigating its use in treating glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. No doubt these studies will reveal that this drug is one of the most versatile natural remedies available today. Proponents predict that authorities will eventually be forced by scientific evidence to legalize the drug universally.It is not advisable to try and obtain the drug illegally. Apart from the potential legal problems, it is really best to use it under responsible medical supervision. Places such as the medical marijuana Denver CO dispensary are happy to advise patients and to ensure that they use the drug responsibly.

By Haadi